Non-Religious Wedding Service

Non-Religious Wedding Service


Celebrant:  Welcome, all of you, to this place and time!  It is our joy to witness and celebrate the wedding of__________and __________.

They come to us to become one—not to lose themselves, but to promise a new life of unity.  Love brings unity!   Marriage is a sacred covenant between two people in which they commit to live in that love and come to know each other with mutual care and companionship.  Love brings joy!  Through that joy, spouses may share their new life with others—family, friends, and ultimately with the world.  We gather to support them today and to witness their public proclamation of this union.


Celebrant:  Inspired by Love(and in the presence of those assembled here with you), I ask you to affirm your willingness to enter into this covenant of marriage and to share all the joys and sorrows of the new relationship, whatever the future may hold.

(Bride/Groom) do you come here freely and without reservation to give yourself in marriage?

Bride/Groom:  “I do.”

(Bride/Groom) will you have  ()Bride/Groom)  to be your wife/husband, and will you love her/him faithfully from this day forward?

Bride/Groom:  “I will.”